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3 ways blockchain technologies can impact healthcare now

The Internet as we know it today was once a shiny new technology. And like many new shiny technologies, the Internet was misunderstood. Yet what we think to be the Internet—surfing websites, posting messages on Facebook and Googling for answers to arcane questions—is really something called the World Wide Web, a specialized set of services… Read More »

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How blockchain could make an impact in healthcare

Blockchain, like other young and disruptive technologies, offers wide opportunities to impact healthcare, an industry that is primed for disruption. Despite being the largest sector of the U.S. economy, healthcare is plagued by slow systems, wasteful financing, and resource utilization and operational inefficiencies. To address these issues, innovative solutions like blockchain can alter the arithmetic… Read More »

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Blockchain use case: Healthcare supply chain

Of all the many potential use cases being explored for blockchain in healthcare, one of the most promising – and one of the most likely to gain more real-world momentum in the short term – is for supply chain management. In other industries, mammoth players are already making big deals about how the immutable distributed… Read More »

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