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Study Reveals New Role for Methotrexate in Fighting Cancer

A study of the dual pathways that process the essential vitamin folate by Weill Cornell Medicine investigators unexpectedly revealed a new way the cancer drug methotrexate works and may suggest strategies to boost its cancer-killing effects. For the study, published Nov. 29 in Cell, the investigators used genome editing and biochemical experiments to show that interfering… Read More »

Cleo Wade Gets Real About What It Actually Means to Be a Role Model

Cleo Wade is an influencer. With over 450,000 followers—and counting—taking in her empowering Insta mantras touting self-acceptance, knowing your worth, and overcoming heartbreak, she’s truly owning that space. So it’s no surprise that the 30-year-old Heart Talk author has been tapped by Aerie to be its newest #AerieREAL role model. Advertisement – Continue Reading Below… Read More »

KLAS: Providers See EHR Vendors Playing Limited Role in Precision Medicine

Many healthcare organizations are moving forward with precision medicine programs, but, so far, there is no single vendor solution covering all areas of precision medicine. With regard to precision medicine technology, many healthcare organization leaders are focused on niche vendors who have the experience and capabilities needed to address the specific challenges inherent in precision… Read More »