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Study Reveals New Role for Methotrexate in Fighting Cancer

A study of the dual pathways that process the essential vitamin folate by Weill Cornell Medicine investigators unexpectedly revealed a new way the cancer drug methotrexate works and may suggest strategies to boost its cancer-killing effects. For the study, published Nov. 29 in Cell, the investigators used genome editing and biochemical experiments to show that interfering… Read More »

Cleo Wade Gets Real About What It Actually Means to Be a Role Model

Cleo Wade is an influencer. With over 450,000 followers—and counting—taking in her empowering Insta mantras touting self-acceptance, knowing your worth, and overcoming heartbreak, she’s truly owning that space. So it’s no surprise that the 30-year-old Heart Talk author has been tapped by Aerie to be its newest #AerieREAL role model. Advertisement – Continue Reading Below… Read More »