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Could Neck-Strengthening Prevent Some Concussions?

Print this page SUNDAY, Jan. 20, 2019 — Boosting athletes’ neck strength in the off season might reduce their concussion risk in sports such as football and soccer, researchers say. This is among several recommendations from researchers at Rutgers University in New Brunswick, N.J., who are looking to prevent these serious head injuries in athletes.… Read More »

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Some Facts (And Fiction) About Oral Hygiene

— To help you care for your teeth more effectively, we’ve put together a list of a few of the most common myths, inaccuracies, and misconceptions as suggested by Winnipeg dental hygiene. Dive in now, and see how you can protect your teeth. 1. Six-Month Teeth Cleanings And Oral Exams Are Unnecessary This is simply false.… Read More »

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Sexual assault forensics centres failing some victims

Young victims of sexual assault are not being forensically examined within a critical time period at some privately-run referral centres, a BBC investigation has found. Doctors also told the BBC they had seen cases of incorrect recordings of injuries and evidence contamination. Victims’ Commissioner Baroness Newlove said the “failings” were “shocking”. NHS England – which… Read More »

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