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Are Eggs Good Or Bad? How You Should Interpret This Latest Study

Population cohort studies can show possible associations. But they cannot really show what came first the health outcome or the egg. Photographer: Shannon VanRaes/Bloomberg© 2018 Bloomberg Finance LP What eggs-actly does this mean?  A study just published in JAMA seemed to give eggs a bit of a beating after they’ve been on a roll since 2015. After… Read More »

Avengers' Thanos Looks Very Different in This Early Concept Design

With Black Panther winning Best Production and Costume Design at the 2019 Oscars on Sunday (February 24), interest in the MCU’s work behind-the-scenes has never been higher. So it’s the perfect time for us to look at some seriously early Thanos designs from the Avengers: Infinity War team. Uploaded to Instagram by Marvel Studio artist… Read More »