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Cancer sufferer whose cough was dismissed as a 'bad cold' THREE TIMES is embracing her new look 

Doctors said it was a ‘cold’ but it turned out to be cancer: 27-year-old was dismissed three times before medics finally gave her a scan and found a 5 inch tumor Doctor also wrote Meagan Bechtold’s symptoms off as allergies or bronchitis CT scan revealed a 13cm tumour in her diaphragm months later Chemotherapy caused… Read More »

Shloka Mehta-Akash Ambani Wedding on March 9: Ten Times The Bride-To-Be Rocked Traditional Ensembles! View Pics

Best of Shloka Mehta’s style (Photo Credits: Instagram) The Ambani’s are pulling at all stops to make their oldest son Akash Ambani’s wedding with Shloka Mehta, a grand affair! The future scion of the Reliance Industries, Akash will be tying the knot with the daughter of the diamond baron Arun Russell Mehta, Shloka Mehta. Both… Read More »

Fixing Our Health Care System – The New York Times

To the Editor: Re “What’s Good Health Care Worth?” (editorial, Feb. 17): Thirty-six thousand Americans die prematurely each year because they are uninsured. And more than half a million households declare bankruptcy each year because of illness or medical bills. Who could possibly benefit from such an inhumane system? Private insurers. High deductibles and co-pays,… Read More »