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Cancer warning: Four of the most common warning signs of cancer you may be overlooking

Cancer is a deadly disease that’s caused by specific cells in the body reproducing uncontrollably, according to the NHS. These cancerous cells can destroy the healthy tissue surrounding them – including vital organs. More than a third of all people will develop cancer at some point in their lifetime. The most common symptoms of cancer include weight loss… Read More »

Gastroenteritis warning – how to prevent painful diarrhoea and vomiting

Gastroenteritis is the general name for a number of medical conditions, including food poisoning, tummy bugs and diarrhoea. The condition causes the gastrointestinal tract – which includes the stomach and bowels – to become inflamed and sensitive. The main cause of gastroenteritis is an infection with a virus, bacteria or parasite, which may come from… Read More »

Thunderstorm asthma warning for NSW

A STORM front sweeping across NSW could trigger serious breathing problems in some people, health authorities have warned. Thunderstorms are predicted for parts of the state on Tuesday afternoon, including the north coast and Hunter regions. NSW Health’s Richard Broome said high levels of pollen in the air could trigger asthma and respiratory conditions as… Read More »