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World Aspergillosis Day 2019: Learn How to Pronounce ‘Aspergillosis’ From This Video

World Aspergillosis Day on the first of February (File Image) The first day of the second month of the year witnesses a number of international days. One such event is World Aspergillosis Day. No, it is not remotely related to garden asparagus or Asperger syndrome, commonly known as Asperger’s. So, what is Aspergillosis and its… Read More »

A World Of Healers

— Imagine if we lived in a world of healers. Not the healers who have learned Reflexology and Kinesiology and so many other practices. The healers who say that I am in the world and the world is within me. In healing myself, I’ll heal the world. The healers who say that I am in… Read More »

Why Our World Is Aging

Meeting the healthcare and social needs of the older population is a worldwide public health challenge.Getty The world population is aging more quickly than ever before. With this change in demographics come challenges to healthcare systems that governments had never previously envisioned. Greatest among them is how governments can absorb the increasing demands of an… Read More »