Xenical 60 mg in Owen Sound

Xenical 60 mg in Owen Sound

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Active Ingredient: Orlistat

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Function: Weight Loss
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Figure 1. Before the introduction of chlorothiazide in 1958, hypertension had three major treatments: diet, drugs, and surgery.

A low-salt diet was the dietary mainstay. If begun early enough, a very-low-salt diet could be beneficial in treating hypertension.

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  • By producing a unit, sodium excretion was increased and the first in treatment for hypertension appeared.
  • When effective pharmacological therapy began to appear from 1958 onward, the emphasis on very-low-salt diets waned.

    Drug treatment for hypertension before 1958 included reserpine, hydralazine, and ganglionic blockers.

    1. Introduction

    The side effects of these drugs were substantial and limited their use. Finally, surgical sympathectomy was a drastic method used effectively in some people. The analogy with treatment of obesity are the low- and very-low-calorie diets, the use of drugs which, regrettably, have significant side effects, and the use of gastric and intestinal bypass surgery.

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    In 1958 chlorothiazide was introduced. By producing a diuresis, sodium excretion was increased and the first effective treatment for hypertension appeared.

    Obesity is a chronic medical condition requiring long-term therapy 2, 3-5. If left untreated, overweight and obesity can increase the risk degenerative diseases.

    Orlistat, a pancreatic lipase inhibitor, might be viewed as an analog of the diuretic. The loss of calories as undigested triglycerides would be like the loss of sodium with diuretics.


    Finally, sympathectomy for treating hypertension is analogous to gastric surgery for obesity. Some of these will act at the level of the controller to modulate feeding.

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